Zain JO BlackBerry USB tethering for Mac OS X

As I sat down waiting my delayed Royal Jordanian flight to Riyadh (which has become more common than on-time :S), my Orange 3G line was not working, the Wi-Fi networks around were useless and I had to somehow use my BlackBerry Zain JO phone to access the Internet on my Mac. Here is a quick HOWTO on tethering via USB cable:

  • I already had BlackbBerry Desktop Manager installed, so it may or may not be a prerequisite.
  • Connect your phone via USB
  • Open Network Preferences…
  • If not seen already click + to add a new connection and you will see your phone interface showing as BlackBerry-[Your PIN]
  • Change Telephone Number to: *99#
  • Enter “GPRS” in the Account Name & Password Fields
  • Click on Advanced…
  • Choose Vendor: “Research In Motion”
  • Choose Model: “BlackBerry IP Modem (GSM)”
  • Enter “zain” for APN
  • Choose CID: 1
  • Click OK
  • Click Connect

Enjoy a better-than-dead connection!

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