Ya Seeeessssii

I might have gotten used to el “shabab” mounting “shashe w dvd” in the car but what has really moved me is Taxis in Amman getting them installed for the sole purpose of back-seat-passenger’s entertainment. This is nifty! The picture was taken at a traffic light near the 4th ‘circle’ but to avoid unnecessary quarrels I couldn’t show you el “gatgootah” in the back concentrating on a Rotana Video! Ya seeesssiii

9 thoughts on “Ya Seeeessssii

  1. man u really made me laugh, specially with the “gatgootah” .. i miss u so much

  2. One thing I am sure of, that taxi drivers haven’t put it for the back seat passenger’s entertainment :-)

  3. If the same taxi driver, was driving another taxi; and he mentioned that he puts a dvd screen in the back of his other taxi….

    what would we all say?


  4. lol ya akheee ghair shofareyet el taxi wo sharafy ghair.. tab wo iza ba2olak wo ana raje3 min lebanon tle3na ma3 shofai (tle3na means eno ana wo el sabaya;)) wo 7atelna masra7yeh 3l dvd, tab3an akhra wo 2askhaf masra7yeh bashoofha be 7ayatee!! wo isma3 el sound ely 3l akher.. jad ya seeeesiiiiii

  5. A friend of mine spotted a Jordanian Hummer mounting a TFT screen on the rear spare wheel for the sheer distracting entertainment of his fellow drivers!

    It’s interesting to know that by law, taxi drivers are not allowed to play cassettes in their cars, at one point; the law was heavily enforced that you’ll find either no car stereo or the tape deck sealed or jammed all together… the law was passed to eliminate the possibility of taxi drivers playing “indecent” tapes (Laila & Murad comes to mind)

    Will now that Arabic -soft porn- music videos are on play, I guess someone may want to undust this law for amendment!

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