The mobile number you dialed is currently turned off …

A translation of my Arabic Letter to Father on board of Freedom Flotilla for non-Arabic speakers only!

“Even when on vacation, you always answered my calls.The international satellite phone, which you bought after consulting me about its technological usefulness, was my last hope for contact. But it too could not withstand Zionist atrocities. You are now somewhere between international waters and Ashdod and we are yet to know your fate.

I still recall the first demonstration we attended together during the first Intifada. It was a very cold and wet day as we walked through Al-abdaly to Al Hussieni mosque. I was barely able to read the protest signs but I remember chanting along with you. My feet froze that day and my mother blamed you for that. That made you smile.

I am curious to know the story of your trip. But I will wait until your return to hear it. In the meantime, let me tell you what is going on in the outside world: The loudest sounds of support and solidarity for you and the many other heroic activists on the Gaza Freedom Flotilla is the sound of silence from Arab officialdom. The silence is deafening, making us wish we were Turks too.

Islam is my father – that principle is deeply embedded in me. But the situation of Muslims the world over is not pleasing. I feel despair. But there is also hope in the stances of the brave heroic men and women with you. I am inspired by footage aired on Al Jazeera. I see you raising your hands, promising victory and return.

We stand in solidarity with our Palestinian brothers and sisters, protesting the brutal occupation and the inhumane siege. But your participation in the Gaza Freedom Flotilla has made us, your family, taste some of the pain Palestinians experience in Gaza. While I am overwhelmed with the power of Israeli media and its Zionist allies’ spin on your brave encounter, I am also empowered by the breathing spaces created by alternative media resources which tell a different story.

There are many more stories awaiting your safe return. I look forward to sharing them with you. Please do not make the grammatical errors in this piece our first story! J

You have made us all proud.

Eagerly awaiting your safe return,

Yaman (your son)”

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